DIY Faux Fishing Bobbers Christmas 2015

Hey Crafters!!  I’ve created some fake deep sea fishing bobbers from some scraps of 4 X 4 inch wood.  I see these at Hobby Lobby and I think, I can make those!  LOL  And if I had a job other than Day Care for my grand babies, I’d just buy them.  

If you’re reading this post in an email, pop over to my blog for the video at the bottom of this post.

A couple of random scraps.  I cut the end of of them with the miter saw, so I would have 2 of varying heights. 

 My very technical way of measuring with a ruler thingie I found on the miter saw and a couple of scraps of wood.  LOL  Hey, whatever works, right!?  Marked one corner on each side with a carpenter pencil, cause’ that’s what was there.  

 I did have to move the saw blade to match the pencil marks on my blocks.  And made one cut on each side of the blocks; 4 sides = 4 cuts per block.  My sone was gracious enough sand them down and shape them for me on a belt sander.  Plus, drill the large hole and glue in the dowels.  

 I really meant to paint the tall bobber red, blue and yellow.  My yellow paint was too old and chunky, so I ended up mixing in some yellow and got that pea green and I rolled on.  And I meant to paint the short one blue and yellow.  LOL. It is what it is.  Too little time and too many things to get done while on cold medication.  I also used the heat tool to speed up drying time between bands of color.  The heat tool bubbled the paint, which was awesome for a more distressed look when I got around to the sanding with an electric hand sander.  After sanding and dusting them off, I clear coated them with clear spray paint 2 times.  And thinned down some brown paint to write on the bottoms, to Mike from Paulette Christmas 2015, with Jon’s help and Katie hosting Christmas.  So, we can look back and remember.


And look, I made another ring thing with a small Sizzix she’ll die.  This time I cut my card stock to 6 X 6 inches since the die was so small ( 2 X 2 inches) and it worked!  Eeeeeeee! (Happy Sound). A couple of Martha Stewart crab punches.

 Here is what it looks like all wrapped up!  A great gift for my Wonderful husband from the Pacific Ocean.  Perfect!!  And I saved this tag special for him.  ;).  Merry Christmas!!


4 X 4 ” scrap wood

Miter Saw, measuring thingie, pencil.

Belt Sander & Drill Press (compliments of my son).  Electric hand sander (also from my son).

Acrylic Paints

Clear spray paint
Crafty paint brushes

Painter’s Tape

Leather strips

Card stock scraps

Copics:  RV69, R29 

Bic Mark it:  Black.


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