WPlus9 Haul Mar 2015

Hey Crafters!!  I was the 10,000 YouTube Subscriber winner for WPlus9.  Dawn gifted me a $100 gift certificate and I spent it to the best of my ability!  I want everything!  LOL.  If you’re reading this post in an email, pop over to my blog and scroll down to watch a 8.49 minute walk through Video of the products I chose, how they can be used and my sewing room flip into an Ultimate Baby room with some thrift and antique store furniture.

Left to Right:  Holiday Apertures die set $16.00, Cupcake Wrapper Die $14.00, Winter Pals clear stamp set $14.00 with dies $18.00, Valentine Wishes clear stamp set $14.00 without dies $10.00 (on my wish list), Fresh Cut Florals clear stamp set $14.00 with dies $8.00.

 Click Here for Dawn’s video of Fresh Cut Floral Water color in a cup, where I learned to do these fun things!  I’m honored and blessed with these wonderful goodies!  Dawn even went the extra mile to track me down.  We had 3 deaths and the birth of our second grand baby between February and March, that was very stressful.

My Video is Here, Enjoy!

Not to mention…(Skip this Rant if you’d like).

Google has attached my dead Blogger profile to my Google account when they took over YouTube and can’t or won’t remove it.  In 2012 WordPress imported my blog to their more iPad friendly site.  Apparently, there is No One working in Customer Service as I have waisted 3 years asking for help with it to no avail, which has cut into precious blogging time.  Blogger Forums requested I create a G+ page for a blog that no longer exists, which I did and it does Nothing!  The frozen in time. Blogger profile has closed email address.  Just another Epic Google fail and you’ve probably seen me commenting about it on crafty blog’s because I’m so frustrated with it.  It makes it very hard for people to find or contact Me at my active email address, which Goggle isn’t willing to share, but I can see it at the top of every Blogger blog I visit!  So, I have to type my addresses into the “comment field” subjecting myself to unrelenting SPAM.  Thankfully WordPress holds spam and I can delete it and yahoo tries to field it and put it in the junk folder.

This is Dawn’s video of the water color elephant.   I thought I was getting the Elephant Parade shown in this video, and I was told it would ship in May 2015, but it never arrived.  My second inquiry went unanswered and Dawn has done a lot for me already.  Who knows, maybe one of my neighbor’s is enjoying it.  I should have ordered the elephant set, but I had so much on my wish list!

Here is a link to her blog.  You will find some amazing card art and projects there!  I could watch Dawn’s water color tutorials over and over again.  LOL.  And have!!

Dawn is also the teacher for the Water Color for Cardmakers Online class, so be sure to check that out as well.   I took the Insiders Online card class and it was a lot of fun.  You have life time access to the videos, which is really nice.


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