Kathy Rac’s 30 Day Feb 5 2016 Pen & Ink Lettering

Hey Crafters!!   Are you having fun in Kathy’s Fun Coloring Challenge?  Today she colored a beautiful cup and cardinals image from the Power Poppy Blog.  I need some PP stamps!  The geraniums are calling my name.  LOL

But today I went out in left field and did something I’ve been wanting to try, writing with drawing ink and a fountain pen.  I have this old pen with changeable tips and some very old Black India ink by Higgins.  Then water colored the panel’s with Crayola kid’s water color paints in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.  I did not use the black or blown.

Keeping Valentine’s in mind, when I was a teenager (EONS AGO) this is how we doodled our hearts onto notebooks and such.  But this could also work for my grand daughter Millie. ;). She’s 3 and 1/2.  This was with the calligraphy nib.

I tried I to keep this one very generic, but my cousin Lesa came to mind and she will likely get this one.  This was with the fine point nib.

 This one could be for anyone in my family.  This was with the flat round nib.


And this one was for my husband, but it’s awful, so it will probably go in the junk art drawer.  Hahahahahahaha…Sometimes you feel like a Nut, Sometimes you don’t!  This was with the flat round nib too, it was the easiest to write with.

This is what they looked like before drying and painting.

 This project was a complete bust and I ended up splattering them with more paint and more water.  My drawing ink is very old!  It’s supposed to be water proof, I dried the panel’s really well before water coloring on them and they smeared anyway.  That’s okay, this was another experiment and now I know.  I can stamp or alter them more later. 😉

Canson Water color paper.

Higgins (Waterproof) drawing ink.

Crayola Water Colors

Paint Brushes (I had my Pentels out to use, but ended up getting water from them only) and used the aqua painters from the Michael’s 3 pack that don’t disperse water properly, but have nice animal hair brushes and I just use them like a regular paint brush.




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