Shabby Chic Blush Decor Tray full of Hyacinths for Easter

Hey Crafters!!  Easter is just a few Days Away!!  How did that happen??   A couple of weeks ago, I was in Michael’s and they had the stamp/die stuff pulled and I flitted around the store and found these fabulous trays @ 40% off plus I had a 20% off your total purchase coupon! This made them $14.00 Each from the regular $34.99.  

This first one is Katie’s w/ pink box full of Easter magnets that I will share in another post.  I used the Sizzix Box #2 die to put the magnets in.  The flower pots were wrapped with a large circle die cut from cereal bag and tied around the flower pots with cotton yarn.  Hand cut confetti papers were stuffed into each section.

Then while visiting Wal-mart for some plants for the back porch, I discovered these blooming Hyacinths and Mini Daffodils in little $1.00 pots and got us each a variety.  I searched all of the pots and got the ones with extra bulbs!  Oh my goodness they smell Heavenly in my living room, while waiting to give them to the girls and plant mine outside.  We’re having some Freeze Alerts the last few days.  

I snuck in some St. Patty’s Day clover shapes from fun foam, I’d forgot I had.  I meant to put plastic Easter eggs in here too, but on a whim decided to get them to the girls this past Sunday before the blooms are gone.   I was in such a rush to prepare the trays, that I completely forgot about the bright colored plastic Easter eggs I wanted to fill these with too!  ;0 

This one is Amber’s with green box of magnets.  I just love that little bird sitting on the top of the tray.  These twirl around too and even though Amber doesn’t Craft, I thought she could use hers for perfumes and lotions or jewelry.  What a Fun Find!   I’m using mine for Glue, Scissors, etc.  on my craft desk. ;). 

I’m thankful for this beautiful Spring we are having, especially after last year’s with 3 deaths in our family involving all of my favorite aunts, uncles and cousins.  It really made the whole year tough.  I’m ready for the renewing of Spirit that this time of year brings along with the renewing of the plant life outside.  I was inspired to do some Spring cleaning and decorated the front porch and tidied up the front yard even thought I did not feel like doing it.  LOL. If your’re having a tough Spring, I pray that you can find some joy in the little things that make your heart sing and make you happy, in Jesus name I pray, Amen.  


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