Happy Mother’s Day 2019!!

Hey Crafters!! Happy Mother’s Day!! I hope you have a Wonderful day no matter what you do or who you are with.

I played around with these Jane Davenport Faces! They are so much fun. I experimented with her water color paints in the cute little artist travel tins.

These went to my lovely Mother in law and her mom. Grandma got the one without eye shadow, she’s 94 or 95.

As soon as the paint touches the paper, they come to life. I was experimenting during lunch at work and people were walking by, saying, Wow, what’s that?!

I decided to sign them under the bigger eye on the right.

Purple eye shadow, for my mama who loves purple.

I also did some more “chalk painted furniture” for my Mom for Mother’s Day. She was so excited that she could not stay in the house until we had it all set up. Which, means all the work I put into it, was totally worth it. The chair cushions are from Dollar Tree, where I also snagged some $1.00 garden tools, purple garden gloves, little hanging pretties all for her greenhouse. My daughter donated this table and chairs I gifted her a few years ago for $50. This season, all the stores want $99 for them. 😕 so, I’m thankful to recycle them. I used the paint recipe from the previous post. With the exception that I omitted a little bit of latex paint so I could add acrylic craft paint to get this purple color.

And more potted plants seen on the bottom shelf of the (dainty black rack) I snagged at a second hand shop for a reasonable price and spruced up with spray paint, .99 cents a can at Lowe’s. Clay pots from Lowe’s (3.48 per pot + 3.18 per saucer) were cheaper than what I could see online at WalMart.

“We” love clay pots going back many years ago, when Nanny had her shop, Frontier Curio Shop in Ozark Acres, Hardy Ark. I miss this building and my Grandmother so much! But her love of plants lives on in all of us.

A couple of hanging pots from Menards $8 ea.

These gorgeous Dragon-wing Begonias are for my girls, Daughter in Law, Amber and Daughter, Katie. These were on Sale last weekend for $5.88, amazing!

This one for Amber, who loves green. I failed to extend the iris color in the eye to our right. Maybe she won’t notice. I didn’t until I started posting.

I didn’t extend the iris on this one For my daughter, Katie, either! Oh boy. I was painting these last 2 in a parking lot waiting for the Springfield Cardinals game. That’s what happens when I’m flying by the seat of my pants. LOL. AND IM GOING TO ROLL WITH IT…

If you are new to card making or water coloring, please don’t be too hard on yourself. I find that MANY women are too hard on themselves, including Me.

We are Enough. We are Worthy. The Bible says, She is more precious than Rubies. And we should wear that Godly Honor daily. I know it’s hard amidst every day challenges, but keep Rockin’ it Girlfriends!

You are Beautiful! You are Talented! You are worthy!

Thanks for visiting today!

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