Happy Memorial Day 2019!

Hey Crafters!! I hope you all had a great memorial day. And enjoyed this 3 day weekend. Thank you to all the service men and women who have given their time and their lives so that the rest of us can enjoy doing what we love and live the American dream. Don’t forget to say, thank you.

Love this old weathered piece of wood I painted in 2001. It hung on my door bell for quite a while. Wow, 9-11. I didn’t realize until I was posting this evening. I cried. I prayed. I cried more. I made this sign. I cried again and again. Everyone was putting a U.S. flag on their front porches. I didn’t have one that was suitable for outside, so I improvised.

I’m in love with these plastic chalk boards and the liquid chalk markers. They are so much fun. I’ve been decorating every holiday for my desk at work. This one came from Hobby Lobby at 50 o/o off, so it was $4.00. I got my markers at Walmart in the craft department. I love that it could be used sideways or standing up tall.

Some very realistic tulips from a craft store dumpster about 6 years ago. They are about 2 feet tall. You can’t see this beautiful ceramic vase. This photo does not do them justice. A cute wood America sign

A very vintage flag in a blue vase full of craft flat marbles, wire heart with torn stripes of fabric (that I usually display on Valentines), some die cut stars on skewers from crafts past. A vintage looking bucket of candy.

Theses items displayed make my heart very happy.


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