1-31-18 Kathy Rac’s 30 Day, It’s a 2’fer

Hey Crafters!! I needed 2 cards quick and I had not prepared well on the fly. Kathy used some holiday stamps for everyday, with these cute birds! I took that cool water colored Elephant and Zebra from this post and turned them into a card. Scroll down for that.

Today’s coloring was due to needing a base for another card. I had this cool owl from Stampendous, that I’d colored on (Who Know’s What Day!?) after the Volkswagens. LOL. Just keepin’ it real. When I saw this stamp in the online store @ JoAnn’s recently, it screamed, Harry Potter’s owl to me! I’d stamped several and colored 2. Hedwig is really a very white owl, but this stamp has quite a bit of detail on it, so I just did the best I could. This card was for David N. On his last day at work.

I had to tear a white sheet out of my sketchbook for a card base, trimmed off the perforations, and began coloring it with copics. I was hoping to mimic some base layers of card stock and as I hurried along, it morphed into a window and a sad one at that! But, I had to hurry and just get it done! I could have done more, much much more…It looked odd and I added the window sill. It really needed a wood frame too, just didn’t have enough time.

Since the paper in my Canson Sketch book is a bit thin, I doubled it up by glueing another piece behind the owl with glossy accents and fussy cut around the image with scissors, then popped it up a little with scraps of the same paper rolled up a time or two and glued behind the image. I will do this at home if I run out of foam tape or fun foam.

Owl and Books colored with alcohol markers (Copics and Fine point Sharpies). I tried to use 3 different colors on the book spines from the same color families (light-medum-dark), the black book actually used black, dark brown and gray.

This card was for Kyle G. On his last day at work. I would have rather done a deer or moose card for him, but I just didn’t have the time to stamp and color something new. This is one of the reason’s I love Kathy’s 30 Day! I just. Color images and grab them when I need them.

I really hated cutting part of my tree off, but it was necessary for this 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ card! LOL. It’s all good.

Have a Great Day!

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